Three days, 16 hours and 29 minutes to go…


With a little over three days to go I suppose I should tell you a little about the trip I will be taking. Since booking this overland adventure the route has changed slightly and so it is that I find myself flying rather than driving to Istanbul this Friday. After which I will be driving all the way to Singapore (just one short flight and boat ride aside). This grand adventure will take six months and will three continents, 18 countries and many thousands of miles. Once I reach Singapore the plan is to explore some of Indonesia and then head over to Australia and New Zealand. Whether I stick to the plan or not is anyone’s guess. This blog is designed to keep my friends and family updated (and hopefully entertained) about my exploits abroad. Feel free to post comments below and I will try and update the blog as often as my entertainment schedule allows.

For now the packing has begun in earnest. Having spent two fantastic weekends catching up with friends and saying goodbyes to family I am feeling distinctly numb with an overwhelming edge of anxiety. The bags have been packed, weighed, emptied and repacked numerous times and yet I’m still certain I’ve forgotten something vital, valium perhaps?

It seems quite miraculous that I managed to fit all of this:


Into this:


Panic stricken texts messages fly between myself and my fellow travellers; How many bikinis is too many?; I only have enough cotton buds for six months; My bag weighs more than a baby elephant…

Whatever happens between now and Friday as long as I have my passport and some money in my purse I’m sure I’ll be fine…


2 thoughts on “Three days, 16 hours and 29 minutes to go…

  1. Hope it has all started well Bex. Here in Chesterfield we await the playing of ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’ on the chart show with baited breath.

    I’m Just wondering if I have enough Bikinis. Today the temperature will pass 12 degrees. Little pale northerners will be passing out in the gutters from a combination of heat exhaustion and drinking to the demise of Maggie the Hat.


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