And it begins

It’s been a rough couple of days for the Odyssey crew. Day one on the truck and sickness has spread through camp like wild fire. When it took three of the guys down on Monday night we were fairly convinced it was food poisoning, when I came down with it the next morning we were still convinced. By the time we hit camp it had taken another and then proceeded to pick off a further 7 members of the truck. This was no dodgy kebab, it was a dreaded virus. The hand sanitiser came out in force, we all knew this would happen eventually but none of us were expecting this on the first day. Fortunately we are now all feeling much better and have been able to explore some of the sights that Turkey has to offer.

Back tracking slightly we have now been here five days. We made the most of our three days in Istanbul sampling the local cuisine and hitting all the top tourist stops. Notably the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, the Basilica Cisterne, Topkapi Palace and the endless markets. 

The girls outside the Blue Mosque:






Beautiful pillars in the underground water reserve, the Basilica Cisterne:Image

Gorgeous lanterns in one of the markets:Image

Healthy or not we clambered aboard the truck, fondly known as Calypso, early on Tuesday morning and drove six hours south to Eceabat. 

Calypso soaking up some sun:Image

Whilst we set up camp for two days some of the group have taken the opportunity to visit Gallipoli, the site of the failed World War I campaign to take Constantinople by the British. The rest of us took a short ferry ride over to Canakkale to explore the town. So far everything is very familiar but we haven’t quite left Europe yet. I am currently sat in the campsite bar taking advantage of the free wifi and wood burning stove. 

I hope next time I write we are all in better health and slightly warmer! Ciao for now. 


One thought on “And it begins

  1. Keep these coming please, Sparlin! SUCH a great read! The photographs are gorgeous too! Any chance you know when you’ll be in Darwin yet? Operation Planning Oz Trip is well under way and I’d like to time it right so that I fly out to meet you in Darwin! :))))) missing you

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